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About Expungement

What is an expungement? It is a petition made to the court to have a prior conviction removed from your record. Also known as a Record of Clearance, if prepared correctly and if you qualify, you may be able to have negative information on your records removed permanently. There are some requirements that must be met in order to qualify, such as having completed your sentence for the crime you were convicted of, having completed all terms of your probation and being in good standing without being involved in any other illegal matters. There is also a Certificate of Rehabilitation that can be attempted in clearing your record, which allows for a pardon to be requested and reviewed by the Governor. To find out if you can apply for an expungement, an attorney from Floyd Skeren & Kelly, LLP can review your case with you.

How Expunging Your Record Can Help

Removing a prior conviction from your record can go far towards improving your chances of success in the future. Not having to report a crime on a job application or in a student or home loan can make the difference between getting the results you are seeking, or getting turned down. Current laws which changed in 2008 now make it more difficult to obtain an expungement, but they can still be successfully obtained. Previously, anyone convicted of certain crimes, such as a hit and run or DUI would automatically have the record expunged once their sentence was complete and all the terms of probation were met. That is no longer the case, with a petition needing to be filed with the court for any expungement request now being made.

Having the right attorney to prepare your petition can make the difference between success and failure. Our firm will carefully review your conviction and prepare the necessary petition; including obtaining witness statements testifying regarding your character, as well as showing all relevant points having been completed that qualify you for an expungement. We have over two decades of experience in guiding our clients through the criminal justice system and can work diligently on your behalf

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