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Criminal Defense

Many individuals face serious consequences when accused of a criminal offense, whether a DUI charge, violent crime, weapons crime, theft crime, gang crime or white collar crime. Who to choose to defend you is crucial when you know you will be facing a judge and jury accused of a serious offense. Our Criminal Defense Department has impressive qualifications and an extensive record of success in court. We have addressed all types of criminal charges in court, and are AV rated by Martindale Hubbell, a peer review system that measures court success, professionalism and trial skills, among others. We are proud of our accomplishments in court for our clients, and are prepared to review your legal situation to advise you of our strategy to defend your case.

DUI and Criminal Charges

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you must prepare to defend yourself in two separate cases. The DMV will automatically suspend your driver's license 30 days from the time of your arrest unless you or your legal counsel requests a DMV administrative hearing to fight the suspension. The prosecutor will prosecute you in criminal court on DUI charges and possibly other charges as well if there was a traffic accident or someone was injured or killed. The penalties you face in the criminal case are severe, including years of potential prison time, and it is vital that you have an attorney to fight for you.

Media campaigns concerning DUI offenses have turned drunk driving into a high profile crime for which prosecutors are eager to gain convictions. There is no reason to assume that because an officer said you failed a test that you will automatically be convicted. There are a number of ways the evidence against you can be challenged which could result in evidence which is vital to the prosecution's case to being excluded. At times law enforcement officers make procedural errors during a DUI investigation. Inaccurate blood or breathalyzer tests or violations of your rights may result in the charges being dropped or reduced. It is very important to begin your defense right away by working with a savvy criminal defense lawyer who uses years of knowledge and experience to investigate and construct a defense strategy on your behalf.

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