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Blood Test

In many cases the police use a breathalyzer test to determine if a driver's BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is over the legal limit of .07 or not. While the breath test is convenient and less expensive, it is less accurate than the blood test. There are situations where a roadside test cannot be done. In such a case the officer may decide on a blood test after observing symptoms of intoxication, especially if he or she suspects the driver is Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID). An experienced attorney who is skilled in DUI defense should be consulted as soon as possible.

Taking a Blood Test

When a blood sample is taken there is a strict medical procedure which must be followed by the technician who is must be trained in the procedure and the use of the equipment. The test should be done within three hours of driving. The blood sample must be properly preserved and free of contaminants. Even if all of this seems to have been carried out correctly, the test results can be checked by having an independent lab test a split sample. In some cases the results can differ enough to change the outcome of the DUI criminal case. A knowledgeable blood test lawyer with our firm will scrutinize the technician's experience, qualifications, and adherence to proper procedure as well as the type and maintenance of equipment used in the test.

Although blood analysis is generally more accurate that breath analysis, the sample may prove to have problems due to improper refrigeration, preservation, lack of sterilization and other mistakes which would invalidate the test results. It takes an experienced DUI lawyer with an intimate knowledge of testing procedural standards to expose these weaknesses in the prosecution's evidence. Call Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP for a consultation.

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