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Amanda A. Manukian

Since 2003, Amanda Manukian has been a benefit to Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP. Currently, she is serving as a partner and also managing the Pasadena office and the special investigations unit. Formerly, Ms. Manukian worked with the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office. She started as a law clerk in 1998 in the Appeals and Writs Division but soon received a promotion to the special investigations unit. While she was doing this, she was also working in conjunction with California Appellate Courts on many briefs.

She has also served as a certified senior law clerk to hold preliminary hearings and misdemeanor jury trials in Los Angeles. This gave her valuable trial experience which would benefit any client. Also adding impressive experience to her resume, Ms. Manukian conducted death penalty evidentiary hearings for the District Attorney's Office as well as assisted in the defense of many individuals who were charged with fraud. Amanda Manukian is a skilled criminal defense attorney whose valuable time serving as a prosecuting attorney has immensely impacted her ability to defend those charged with crimes.

She has a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system as well as an intense passion to protect and preserve the rights of every individual. Floyd, Skeren & Kelly is happy to have Ms. Manukian on staff. She adds valuable experience that proves invaluable for many of our clients. Were you recently charged with a DUI? A conviction of this nature can mean serious consequences for not only your driving privileges, but your criminal record as well. Simply because you have been charged does not mean that you will be convicted. Every case of drunk driving deserves a defense, and it is attorneys like Amanda Manukian who are willing and able to provide it. Contact the firm today!

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